Mechanical Powder compacting Press

What Are Mechanical Presses?

     A mechanical press is a machine press that is primarily used for forming sheet metal and metal extrusion. The working principle of the mechanical press is to convert the rotational force from the electric motor to a translational force that drives the mechanism of pressing work.

Mechanical powder presses condense powders in the powder metallurgy process. Any machine that exerts pressure without the use of hydraulics to shape, form or cut materials, compress solids or extract liquids is considered a mechanical press. This equipment is used for manufacturing metal parts, sheet metal working, technical ceramics production and other metal forging applications.

How Does a Mechanical Press Work?

      Mechanical presses use rotational force from the motor and convert it to a translational force vector that aids in pressing. They can be single-, double- or triple-acting, depending on how many rams are present.

To operate, the machine’s electric motor creates power and transports it to the flywheel. After being initiated by the clutch and brake, the motor drives a gear train that channels the energy to the crankshaft, which moves the press slide vertically. Then, the motor reinstates power to the flywheel, beginning the process again. 

Types of Mechanical Presses We Offer

     If you’re looking to optimize your powder metallurgy processes, YIHUI has numerous types of mechanical presses you can choose from based on your individualized needs. All of our mechanical powder presses 

have their own specialized components, features and functions — because no two metalworking jobs are exactly the same.The tonnage of mechanical powder machines we can provide include 3T 10T 20T 25T 30T 100T 

160T 260T 400T 500T, etc. If you need it, please contact WhatsApp +8613925853679


Post time: Apr-01-2024