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Dongguan Yihui Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd

Add: Building 3, No. 2, Xiangyang West 1st Road, Tianxin, Qiaotou Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China



Dongguan Yihui Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd, is experienced in designing and manufacturing various types of hydraulic press machines and servo press, Such as cold forging press, hot forging press, powder compacting hydraulic press, heating hydraulic press, deep drawing hydraulic press, servo press and so on . The plant is established in 1999 ,covers an area of 8,000 square meters. We are strictly implement the ISO9001 , CE, and SGS,BV management standards.
YIHUI brand presses have been exported to over 80 countries, Across five continents, in Europe, there are Germany, Italy, France, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, the United Kingdom, and so on. In the Americas, there are the USA, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, and so on. In Asia, there are Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. In Africa, there are South Africa, Algeria, etc. Hydraulic press machine and servo press mainly applied to hardware, automotive, powder compacting,die casting, electronic, auto parts and other industries.
We can provide total solutions, including machines, molds, product processing technology, automated production lines.