What are the advantages of using a die-casting trimming press ?

            What is a die casting trimming machine?

      The die casting edge trimming machine consists of a host machine, a hydraulic system, an electrical control system and auxiliary parts. The working pressure and stroke range can be adjusted according to process needs. It has a good

universal design scheme and the mechanical, electrical and hydraulic systems are highly versatile. There are few types of spare parts, easy maintenance, high reliability and good safety performance.

          What are the advantages of using a die-casting trimming press ?

The die-casting edge trimming machine adopts a four-column and three-plate structure. The movable plate and the work surface have high parallel accuracy. Four-column precision linear self-lubricating bearings have high vertical accuracy;

The die-casting trimming machine adopts imported low-noise, high-performance oil pumps and solenoid valves with long service life;

Pressure, stroke, pressure holding, etc. can be adjusted according to the requirements of the pressing process;

Comprehensive safety design, two-hand operation, emergency stop and up and down inching mold adjustment buttons;

In addition, the work surface blanking chute and air blowing device can be designed according to customer requirements to improve production efficiency;

Optional photoelectric safety protectors, load cells, displacement sensors, etc.

Scope of application of die casting trimming machine:

Riveting, imprinting, forming, shallow drawing and pressure assembly of metal or non-metal parts;

Pressing of glasses, locks and hardware parts, pressing of electronic connectors, electrical parts, motor rotors and stators, etc.;

Especially suitable for burr punching and shaping of aluminum, magnesium, and lead alloy die-casting products, and pressing of plastic rubber and powder products, etc.;

Widely used in automobile and motorcycle parts industry.

The hydraulic press is used for burr punching and trimming of various types of aluminum and magnesium alloy die-cast products, and for trimming plastic products; it is also suitable for the forming of plastic materials such as sheet blanking, stretching, etc.

Post time: Oct-24-2023