What are the advantages of electric servo press?

What are the advantages of electric servo  press?

     YIHUI electric servo press, also known as electric servo  press, servo press machine, uses high-precision displacement sensor detection, high repeatability positioning accuracy, up to ±0.02mm, and the servo motor has high sensitivity

andfast response. Using servo hydraulic system control, it can meet the changing requirements of different processes for speed and pressure, and the movement is smoother. Selectric servo  press is the current new generation of

environmentallyfriendly and energy-saving hydraulic press equipment. It has high response and high control and positioning accuracy.

    YIHUI electric servo  press is mainly composed of moving plate, moving table, guide column, main cylinder, hydraulic system, electrical system, pressure sensor, pipeline and other parts. The main cylinder is a piston-type oil cylinder with

abuilt-in fast cylinder, which can realize fast downward movement and slow speed pressing action. Increase productivity. The oil cylinder is placed above the fuselage. When the oil cylinder is working, it is pressed from top to bottom. The

lower mold is stationary and the upper mold is pressed. The electrical system uses PLC + touch screen + servo amplifier, cooperates with the hydraulic system, and issues instructions according to process requirements to complete the process

cycle of the machine.

Electric Servo press use

    The electric servo  press is an energy-saving and efficient hydraulic press that uses a servo motor to drive the main transmission oil pump, reduces the control valve circuit, and controls the slider of the hydraulic press. Suitable for

stamping,die forging, press fitting, straightening and other processes. Such as tooling pressing in the motor, auto parts, home appliances, and electronic industries, pressure constant pressure systems, pressure and tensile testing systems,

stamping,forming, shallow drawing, shaping and pressure assembly of metal or non-metal parts, and the pressing of glasses and hardware products wait. It is certain that the servoization of hydraulic presses is the future development

direction. Servoenergy-saving transformation of hydraulic presses can also achieve huge efficiency. I believe that this cost-effective pump-controlled electro-hydraulic servo system will be recognized by more customers and will surely

Promote changes in theentire industry




Post time: Sep-26-2023