Precautions when installing the hydraulic system of a hydraulic press

 Things to note when installing the hydraulic system of a hydraulic press:

1. Customers should arrange the site reasonably according to the usage site, paying attention to the location of the power supply, the flatness of the ground, and the foundation of the large hydraulic press.

2. Check whether the joints of the installed hydraulic system are firm and whether the electrical contacts are installed in place, etc.

3. According to the type of hydraulic press and processing requirements, formulate targeted and practical safety operating procedures, and conduct necessary on-the-job training and safety education. Users and

operators must strictly abide by the safety instructions and operating procedures provided by the design and manufacturing unit, and use and maintain them correctly.


       Installation method steps of hydraulic system of hydraulic press:

1. Install the oil pipe. A filter device must be installed on the oil suction pipe. The oil suction pipe must not leak. All joints should be tightened and sealed.

2. Before installing hydraulic components, clean them with kerosene, and ensure that the directional control valve is installed in a horizontal position along the axis.

3. Under normal circumstances, the oil suction height of various types of hydraulic pumps is less than 0.5m, and the coaxiality error between the hydraulic pump drive shaft and the motor drive shaft is less than Φ0.1m.

The main contents of debugging the hydraulic system include: checking the appearance, conducting no-load test and load test, and dynamic test of the system.

Post time: Nov-06-2023