Advantages of YIHUI servo hydraulic press

Compared with ordinary hydraulic presses, servo hydraulic presses have the advantages of energy saving, low noise, small temperature rise, good flexibility, high efficiency, and easy maintenance, and can replace existing most ordinary hydraulic presses. The servo hydraulic press is mainly composed of a movable working table, guide column, main cylinder,hydraulic system, an electrical system, a pressure sensor, servo motor, and pipelines etc.

  Advantages of servo hydraulic press:
1. The penetration depth, holding time, and pressure can be numerically input on the operating console. The operation is very simple.
2. When the servo hydraulic press is performing press-fitting, the entire process of pressure and displacement can be displayed on the LCD screen. The entire process of press-fitting can be managed online, and it can also determine whether the product is qualified at any stage, so that residues can be removed in time. Defective goods.
3. Its outer end is connected to the computer, and the data can be pressed and saved into the computer to ensure the traceability of the data and facilitate management.

Features of servo hydraulic press:
1. High efficiency: Through appropriate acceleration and deceleration control and energy optimization, the speed of the servo-controlled hydraulic press can be greatly increased, and the working rhythm is several times higher than that of the traditional hydraulic press. ​
2. It generates less heat, which can reduce refrigeration costs and hydraulic oil costs. The hydraulic system of a servo-driven hydraulic press has no overflow and heat, and there is no flow when the slider is stationary, so there is no hydraulic resistance and heat. The heat generated by the hydraulic system is generally 10% to 30% of that of a traditional hydraulic press, because the pump is at zero speed most of the time. Due to the low heat generation, the oil tank of a servo-controlled hydraulic machine can be smaller than that of a traditional hydraulic machine, and the oil replacement time can also be extended. Therefore, the hydraulic oil consumed by a servo-driven hydraulic machine is generally only about 50% of that of a traditional hydraulic machine. ​
3. High degree of automation, good flexibility and high precision: The pressure, speed and position of the servo-driven hydraulic press are fully closed-loop digital control, with high degree of automation and good precision. In addition, its pressure and speed can be controlled programmably to meet various process processing needs. ​
4. Low noise: Servo-driven hydraulic oil pumps generally use internal gear pumps, and traditional hydraulic machines generally use axial piston pumps. After testing and calculation, the noise generated by servo hydraulic machines can be reduced by about 90% compared with the noise generated by ordinary hydraulic machines of the same specification. .
5. Energy saving and emission reduction: Hydraulic and electronic control adopt intelligent servo energy-saving system, which can save 50%-70% of electricity consumption

6. Precision: Each machine is equipped with an infrared safety grating to effectively protect operators. The servo intelligent patented control ensures that the machine's repeatable positioning accuracy can reach ±0.03mm and the pressure error is ±1%.

7. Stable and durable: The machine frame adopts the whole machine frame structure, and the slider adopts precision rail guide operation. It is resistant to earthquakes and lateral pressure. The whole machine is stable, precise and durable, and is suitable for various technological purposes such as blanking, forming, and extrusion.
8. Low failure rate: The servo intelligent patented control system does not do wasted work, the oil temperature is not easy to rise, and there is no negative pressure in the oil system, which greatly reduces failures and extends the service life of hydraulic components. The electrical appliances are equipped with automatic fault alarms. And one-key reset function. ​
9. Easy maintenance: Due to the elimination of the proportional servo hydraulic valve, speed regulating circuit and pressure regulating circuit in the hydraulic system, the hydraulic system is greatly simplified. The cleanliness requirements for hydraulic oil are much lower than those of hydraulic proportional servo systems, which reduces the impact of hydraulic oil contamination on the system.

Dongguan Yihui Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd, is experienced in designing and manufacturing various types of hydraulic press machines and servo press, Such as cold forging press, hot forging press, powder compacting hydraulic press, heating hydraulic press, deep drawing hydraulic press, servo press and so on . The plant is established in 1999 ,covers an area of 8,000 square meters. We are strictly implement the ISO9001 , CE, and SGS,BV management standards.

YIHUI brand presses have been exported to over 80 countries, Across five continents, in Europe, there are Germany, Italy, France, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, the United Kingdom, and so on. In the Americas, there are the USA, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, and so on. In Asia, there are Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. In Africa, there are South Africa, Algeria, etc. Hydraulic press machine and servo press mainly applied to hardware, automotive, powder compacting,die casting, electronic, auto parts and other industries.
We can provide total solutions, including machines, molds, product processing technology, automated production lines.

Post time: Feb-22-2024